New prices, more options

Hey SW&R fans, it’s almost Fall in Tennessee, which means football is gearing up, sap season is about to begin, and temperatures will finally drop below the 90s (any minute now).

Change is also afoot at your favorite car wash. You may have noticed some new pricing and menu options during your last visit to Stop Wash & Roll in Hendersonville. With our new location down in Spring Hill opening in just a few weeks, it was time to make some adjustments as we work to finalize plans and packages there.

Here’s what’s changed, and why:

New, LOWER VIP Club pricing
This is HUGE! Our top end VIP Unlimited Wash Club plan has moved from $34.95 to just $29.95, without any changes to what’s included. Current VIP members will see the new pricing reflected on their monthly bill and new signups will enjoy the savings from day one.

Remember, if you signup more than one car in your family on the same credit card, you save 10% on each one.

New pricing tier and VIP package
We’ve split the middle $10 package into two options: one with the basic wheel cleaning, and the other with Rainbow Coat and 3-stage wheel cleaning. This gives a little more options for those times when you don’t need the full wash experience.

We’ve also introduced a new VIP wash club tier at just $24.95 per month for our $12 package.

Say good-bye to the early bird special
This special was limited-time only and it’s officially time to for it to fly the coop. We’ll be introducing other limited-time specials over the course of the year, including great discounts on our VIP wash club, and other goodies!

Base wash moves to $6
Our $5 wash has been the best deal in town for years… but with the slow increase in price of chemicals and utilities, our basic wash has finally had to adjust to match the rest of Nashville area car washes. We’re sorry it had to go up just as much as you are.

So there’s all the changes in a nutshell. We hope you’ll come check us out, both at our Hendersonville location and our new Spring Hill location as soon as it opens. Say hi, get a great wash, and #makeyourcarhappy.